Liz translating

Why Liz?

I have close to three decades of first hand experience.

I have studied Teaching English, linguistics, translation and other related fields at university level:

My major at university was Teaching English. I have graduated from the Bosphorus University, an Ivy League University in Turkey.

I have lived and worked abroad for many years:

It is not like I have learned the language just through studying. I have experienced it first hand through my years in U.S.A.

I have an intimate familiarity with both Turkish and English languages. However, my forté lies in translating from Turkish to English.

I have an understanding of many different cultures through first hand and long-term exposures. Thus, I know the nuances and the localities.

I am used to delivering projects, many times -if not always, of time sensitive, complex and confidential nature.

I am a sworn (notarized) translator.

I am flexible:

I can translate various lengths of documents or audio from 1 to 1500 pages/ minutes, whatever your project calls for.

I provide results assured for coherence and consistency of tone:

Many times, coherence and consistency of tone are overlooked in translations. I give utmost importance to this in my translations.

I can also prepare guidelines to follow for you or your staff at your bilingual work environment to provide professional correspondence skills.

I wear many hats, which gives me extensive knowledge on many different subjects:

My experience in the filming industry provides me with the opportunity to experience several different subjects during each project. I get to research and get extensive insight information about the subject matter of the projects, locations, sites, museums and people from all over Turkey and various parts of the world.

I learn a ton through all the people I meet during my guiding and get a chance to discuss with them and improve the level of my knowledge on their respective fields of expertise.

My hands-on interest in certain arts, sports and gourmet events as well as my love for reading equips me with further capacities to give me a grip on different subjects.

Praise & Portfolio

I believe in safeguarding the confidentiality of my patrons in the realm of cyberspace.
I prefer not sharing my portfolio with the entire world in here. But, yes, the list is extensive and I will share it in private should you inquire.

My translating, paraphrasing, interpreting, proofreading and editing range includes several categories:

Consecutive interpretation
Video Scripts
Film audio and subtitling
Voxpops (including time-coded)
Web sites (including localization)
Fiscal Reports
Legal Documents
Researches/ surveys